Down With Tradition

I think 2012 is the year of the weddings. I have five to attend this year. A friend of mine who is getting married, whom I am the Maid of Honor, shared this link on my Facebook wall. I found the article humorous but agreed with most. She and I are always laughing at “tradition” as we plan this wedding.

6 Wedding Traditions No One Will Miss

Separating the Bride’s Side From the Groom’s at the Wedding Ceremony

This tradition has transcended¬†through time from proper to frustrating. If you are holding the wedding you want the bride and grooms side to come together and share in the momentous occasion. What do you do if you know the bride and groom equally? Not going to lie, though, I would find it incredibly humorous to go to a wedding debating for a few minutes which side I should be seated. Just so I can see the usher’s reaction!

Making a Grand Entrance into the Wedding Reception

Bride and Groom should absolutely make a grand entrance. It’s their big day and everyone has gathered to see them. No need to announce the entire wedding party.

Having a First Dance as Bride and Groom

As I type this my boyfriend is telling me this is absolutely a tradition that should be continued. It’s their first dance as a married couple and they should be allowed to share and enjoy it. Ironic that he says this considering he doesn’t know how or like to dance. I suppose this is true. However, all the dances that follow; bride & father, groom & mother, wedding party; I think we can part with. Who really wants to see people you don’t really know twirl on a dance floor.

Tossing the Garter

I have always found this to be creepy. I am so glad I have never ever had to go through that awkward experience of a guy I never met sliding something up my leg. Need I say more on why we can do away with this?

Tossing the Bouquet

A lot of women would be disappointed if this tradition was done away with. Even though ladies roll their eyes at the notion of getting into the feisty lioness stampede it is an utter thrill they enjoy! Gives the bride the opportunity to unload her flowers and not have to worry about them anymore.

Giving Out Wedding Favors

Disagree! It’s the little things that make people happy and favors are one of them! Even if you find 20 out of 150 left on tables that is not a bad ratio.

I think another tradition that could be done away with is the procession following the ceremony. Where the bride, groom and entire wedding party are lined up so that all guests can go through to give some semblance of greeting. Sure, for the bride and groom it makes sense. Guests really aren’t going to care about seeing the wedding party, hell, it will eliminate about an hours worth of awkward hugs and hand shakes.

There are various customs and traditions that I am sure people would think could be done away with, or we are all simply done with seeing at the wedding extravaganza’s we have attended. When it comes down to it, however, it really does matter what the guests want to see or do. It’s all about the bride and groom that day and tradition can be whatever they please.

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